We’re all about making excellence in early learning achievable and sustainable for EVERY child in Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom counties in Washington State.

By collaborating across counties and between early childhood and kindergarten, we streamline evidence-based approaches and—together—prepare ALL children for success.

“Before this association, it was a little hard to always know what it was exactly that I needed to be teaching my students for them to be properly aligned for kindergarten. Now, I not only have that information, but I’m also trained in how to do it. I’m really excited; it’s very beneficial.”  

June Steen, Preschool Teacher, June’s Playschool

“The more that we collaborate, talk, and have common goals — as teachers, educators, directors — the more alignment we will have that will benefit all of our children.”  

Shayne King, Preschool Teacher, Whatcom Family YMCA

“All good work starts with relationship building, and I really believe that this model that we’ve been using has created a relationship that has been wanted by schools, by kindergarten teachers, and by early learning pre-K teachers for a long time.  

Wilanne Ollia-Perry, Child Care Aware, Opportunity Council