Invest in Early Learning

We know that investing in early learning is not only the right thing to do, but it’s also the smart thing to do. 

Pay now, or pay more later. Research shows that for every dollar invested in high‐quality preschool programs, at least $7 is saved in future costs related to social services, remedial education, public safety, and juvenile justice. 

Make an impact! You can help make it possible for EVERY child in northwest Washington to be well on their way to success in life when they enter kindergarten.  

Start with the Coalition. If you’re interested in making an impact throughout northwest Washington, the Northwest Early Learning Coalition is the place to start! 

We all benefit from early childhood programs. The returns can be large. 

In fact, the Center for High Impact Philanthropy reports that “early childhood stands out as a particularly notable area for investment precisely because so many interventions appear to save money in the longer term.”